Minibus Hire

17 seater Ford minibus available for Scouting use – Jointly owned with 5th Worcester

Internal bookings (5th & 8th):  All sections at 8th and 5th can book the minibus on a first come fair shared usage basis.  Costs are covered at group level so sections only need to budget for fuel and claim back via expenses. To book simply complete the online form below.

External hire to scout groups : The bus is also open to hire to local Scout groups for a hire charge in addition to fuel.  Our 2022 local Scout group hire charges are:

  • £30 Evening Hire (from 5pm)
  • £50 per 24 Hours
  • £110 Weekend Camp (Friday to Sunday)
  • £275 per week

Applicable to all bookings 

  • The calendar below shows when the bus should be free (bookings in progress may not be visible). Bookings are taken on a first come basis with 8th and 5th always taking priority.
  • The minibus is available to experienced drivers who hold a D1 classification on their licence. We reserve the right to reject requests. Only drivers notified to us can drive.
  • The bus MUST BE RETURNED CLEAN WITH A FULL TANK OF FUEL, and drivers are fully liable for any damage, or fines, resulting from use.
  • Hirers must read and accept the full terms and conditions of booking which can be found HERE. Please print and retain a copy.
  • Hirers will need a Section 19 standard bus permit to use the bus where any payments are made to passengers to cover the cost of hiring and using the bus. This includes indirect payments so for example where the bus is being used for a camp where camp fees are charged. Permits are available through Scouts for £5 and can be used on any minibus for 5 years. A separate permit is required for every bus being used at a point in time and must be displayed in the windscreen. You can find out more about using a minibus for Scouts and can apply directly through Scouts HERE

To book please click on this LINK

To book please click on this link

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